• Resources Utilization
  • Utilization By Activities
  • Completed tasks of FTE
  • Work Request Analysis
  • Resource Utilization by Work Request
  • Project Work Request - activity status
  • Estimated vs. Actual hrs at resource level
  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly activity break down
  • Project Tracking start date end date
  • Work Request - average hours / day
  • Communication hrs in Work Request
  • Average day / hrs per Work Request

About Us

RxOffice® is a Professionally Managed Software Development Company and is a global provider of software consultancy, design and development services in USA. At RxOffice®, we make sure about the quality of our deliverables. We don't believe in second chances. We just make it right at the first time ... We believe those who win will take a fundamentally different approach to business - one that is both dynamic and connected - where business models, brands, systems and processes are fully integrated across the organization.


Our Goal

To enhance the client's profitability through a win-win partnership. We are committed to making RxOffice® a de-facto model to be used by the software industry all over the world.


Our Values

Sell with a view towards building relationships. Emphasize accountability and results. Commit resources to build each account. Encourage employees to take risks and be adaptive and innovative to satisfy and retain clients.


Our Vision

We believe that what determines the success and staying power of any company are its underlying values and beliefs. Everything else may change over time - the market, the people, the products and services. Only the values and beliefs have the potential to remain constant and make the company different and better in a lasting way.

Our core values and beliefs are the foundation of our company, the essential building blocks of the RxOffice® experience. Having them as the explicit foundation of the company gives us a framework. It establishes teamwork. It lets us move fast, with lots of individual autonomy, and still stay coordinated. It keeps us focused and keeps our eyes on the prize.


Our People

RxOffice® recruits only the best technical staff available. People who possess advanced degrees in engineering, science and management as well as strong relationship management skills. We heavily rely on our pool of intelligent and highly technical staff having both functional and technical knowledge to offer domain expertise. Our engineers understand the importance of fulfilling business requirements and achieving high-quality results without compromising creativity and technology. It's a known fact - the employee who performs best is the one who is motivated. Through ongoing, open dialogue, clear target agreements and in partnership with you, we define the environment you need to empower you to work independently.

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RxOffice® Projects - Key Features

RxOffice® Projects portal, allows users to manage projects, schedule multiple project activities, manage project documents, send and receive messages between employees and clients, as well as track the status of projects at every stage. Key performance indicators (KPI) are available at the project, work request and resource level to track productivity. The availability of various reports and graphs to managers and clients provides more information and transparency to each projects. Resources used on a project are shown, as well as comparing estimated versus actual hours spent on the project and resource level. Also, milestone based tracking gives even more control to be able to schedule and plan activities in advance.

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RxOffice Projects®Support Policy

While RxOffice SPC strives to produce the best quality RxOffice® Projects software, it is virtually impossible to test against all scenarios and software environments. Occasionally, issues may arise which impact product performance or functionality. Customers should address these situations through the technical support program.

The goal of RxOffice SPC support is to provide our customers with the tools and knowledge needed to identify any technical issue they have experienced in RxOffice® Projects product. Once identified, RxOffice SPC will be able to recommend the next steps required to resolve the issue, from updating with the latest hotfix or to product upgrades. In some situations, RxOffice SPC may determine that an escalation is required in order to further isolate the issue and potentially resolve it with a private hotfix. Your RxOffice SPC support representative Product technical support is provided to all RxOffice® Projects customers. Contact your RxOffice account representative for assistance and they will assist you to resolve technical product issues.

By email:
With issues associated with your RxOffice® Projects product, such as:

  • - Cannot create an account
  • - Cannot access the account
  • - Forgotten Password
  • - Trouble locating status on account
  • - Trouble with completing information or uploading documents
  • - Assistance with accessing website resources

For additional information regarding the availability and support periods, please contact your local RxOffice SPC representative.

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